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David Foster | Barber ▸

As a barber, David Foster found a way to combine his three favorite things everyday: drink coffee, talk about sports, and get his haircut. Before finding a permanent home in Richmond, he spent the majority of his twenties traveling the world in a hardcore punk band, playing shows on boats in Paris and dive bars in New Zealand. He books the United Blood Festival every year, bleeds Philadelphia Eagle green, and spends too much money on late night snacks with his wife Kayla. @fostercuts

Jared Galloway | Barber ▸

When the 9-5 weekday grind became true drudgery, Jared looked around for something else to do and barbering kept coming up to the top of the list. In 2013, he started barber school and cut hair out of his home until High Point opened. The heart of Jared’s passion for barbering is in working with his hands at a craft while enjoying the company of good friends. However, his taste in music usually gets vetoed by High Point's MVDJ, Jackson Flavor. Jared and his wife, Lauryn, have two kids, McKinley and Rosalie, and when he’s not here he’s spending time with them or enjoying the great outdoors. @jarodgalloway


Erick Copon | Barber ▸

Growing up in Virginia Beach, Erick was drawn to three things: collecting shoes, djing, and cutting hair. After saving up enough money working at a shoe store, Erick bought his first set of turn tables and has been making heads pop since 2006 under his alias, Dj El Capone. Obviously inspired by gangster movies (his last name is pronounced Capone), Erick was always drawn to the barbershop scenes in movies and was determined to find his own place to get a straight razor shave. He found it at Toppers Barber Shop in Virginia Beach, where he eventually began an apprenticeship under Miss Linda. Erick began making frequent trips to Richmond when he and his wife started dating, and eventually had to find his own barber here. Enter, David Foster. This relationship turned into a job opportunity and Erick moved to Richmond, bringing his beats and gangster-inspired hair cuts with him. Erick and his wife have a son, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Lord Quasimoto (but you can call him Quasi), and two orange tabbies named Chubbz. Catch him behind the turntables every 3rd Thursday at The Veil Brewing. @cutsbycapone


Jacky Flav | Barber ▸

With a barber pole tattoo on his throat, saying Jacky Flav has passion for the industry is a bit of an understatement. He brings that same level of passion to most aspects of life, including his love for music and his devotion to clients. It’s not uncommon to find Jacky Flav opening up the shop early to accommodate tough schedules or inviting his last client of the day to dinner and drinks. When he’s not rocking out to Eddie Vedder or sharing stories about his American Bulldog Delores, he lives to make you laugh. @jackyflav


Corey King | Barber ▸

Corey did his first haircut at age 17, and everything since then has been about improvement of his craft. In between learning to cut, he dabbled in skateboarding and metal bands in Henrico County where he grew up. But his attention was always pulled back to the transformation from nothing to something that a good haircut could produce. After making David Foster his barber, Corey had a mentor in the process of getting behind the chair. In July of 2015, Corey took over the fifth barber station at High Point's Meadow Street location. If he were ever allowed to be the DJ, the shop would be listening to hardcore and metal, some modern alternative and possibly some 90’s hits. When he’s not at the shop, Corey is enjoying the foodie scene or catching a show with his girlfriends and friends. @coreykingcuts

Chris Curry | Barber ▸

Growing up, the barber was the “plug” in Chris’s community and he always wanted to be that guy. After a string of odd jobs, he finally answered the calling. After a decade in the industry, Chris is all about the craft of the haircut and prefers to snip along to some jazz music. Beyond the chair, Chris is also passionate about creating and sewing custom menswear.

JR | General Manager/Apprentice Barber ▸

Before bringing his skills to High Point, J.R. was working as a tour manager for musicians on the road. While getting a haircut at High Point a month after opening, he and Jack realized they were from adjoining towns in Long Island. The connection turned into a friendship and eventually a job offer to run the front of the house. After holding down the business side of things for three years, he decided he'd like to step behind the chair in the hopes of continuing the tradition of excellent service that he watched his peers provide during that time. J.R. is also the proud dad of Pit Bull, Ozzy. When he’s not behind the desk, or chair, he’s enjoying Richmond’s food scene, reading, going to shows, and taking walks by the river with Ozzy. @jr_learns_to_cut


Elliott Kinney | Barber ▸

Combine one part beach bum, two parts cowboy, and a vintage three-piece suit and you’ve got Elliott Kinney. After moving to Richmond in need of a haircut and a job, Elliot asked Jacky Flav how he liked barbering, “I make people feel good and I laugh a lot.” He started an apprenticeship the following week. Even though he traded the city for the beach, Elliot still loves spending a day on the water alongside a strong margarita and a fishing rod. He’s also a lifelong fan of a controversially named Washington football team. @rvacitybarber


Rashod Jackson | Barber ▸

Since going to the barbershop with his dad as a kid, Rashod has always wanted to cut hair. After being on the road touring with bands for several years, he decided he was tired of missing out on family and friends, big life events and seeing his niece, nephews and younger brother grow up. When High Point opened, there was a chair waiting for him, and he hasn’t looked back. Rashod can cut to anything from jazz to metal, but when he’s not here, you’ll find him at a hardcore show with friends. @rashodjackson


Patrick O'Meara | Barber ▸

After spending some time in the army, Patrick began taking classes at VCU. When he expressed an interest in barbering one day to Foster and Jack, they encouraged him to give it a try. Shortly after that he enrolled in barber school, which he says is one of the best decisions he’s ever made. Starting as an apprentice, Patrick has worked his way up at High Point and continues to improve his craft. He prefers punk and hardcore when he’s cutting and when he’s not - you’ll find him at Helen’s.



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